What is mediation?

Mediators provide a process that is staged specifically to enable people to state each of their points of view and to have their feelings about a matter recognised.

Through various stages and techniques, Rosalind helps the parties generate options, which are then negotiated towards a mutually satisfactory solution.

Just about any conflicted matter can benefit from participation in mediation.


Why does mediation help?

People find it hard to speak about upsetting or important things. They often find they quickly descend into trying to prove a point, or trying to win what has suddenly become an argument. Or, they start to throw other beefs and grievances into the mix; “what about the time you did such and such?”

When this happens regularly, people become understandably anxious about the quality of their communication. This can be with lovers, between teenage children and parents, or even with neighbours who are trying to negotiate about who pays for a new fence, or who can cut back a tree.


If you have any questions about mediation, or would like to book a session, don’t hesitate to contact Rosalind on (07) 55 911 411 or via email on the Contact Us page