Dealing With Stress

Most people experience some stress in our modern world. Stress can be either good or bad for you, work for you or against you.

‘Good stress’ stimulates us to go out and get things done. It gets us up and at things earlier, and can keep thought process on track for those activities that require extra input. So stress can be ok in safe amounts.

‘Bad stress’ is often called distress, or overload. We might perceive that a task is just too much, or we haven’t got what it takes, and we go into overdrive. This can happen in the workplace via unrealistic or rigid performance requirements, or bullying, or in private life with competing needs for our time and attention. If negative coping strategies are used and the distress is not dealt with, stress builds upon itself and there can be long term negative psychological social and physical consequences.

‘Optimal stress’ is a healthy balance between ‘keeping busy’ and ‘good’ stress, and avoiding overload/distress.

The Southport Central Psychology team helps clients to effectively manage their demands and increase their abilities to meet these demands. If you feel that you are being overwhelmed by stress and it is affecting your daily life, please contact us.