Southport Central Psychology

Clinical Psychologists – Gold Coast, Australia

**Due to very high demand for our services and our commitment to high quality care for our clients, unfortunately we are unable to take new client referrals at this time.

The practice is located at private, purpose-built rooms at Southport on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Southport Central Psychology specialises in treating the following:

  • Intense anxiety, panic & phobias
  • Surviving torture and trauma
  • Work conflict and bullying
  • Coping with severe health issues, chronic pain & fatigue
  • Helping people & families deal effectively with people who can’t or won’t change
  • Depression, loss of motivation & pleasure
  • Generalised anxiety disorder; excessive worrying
  • Low self- esteem
  • Relationship & sexual problems, family conflicts & stress
  • Work-related / WorkCover issues

Psychological Support Services
Perinatal Depression

These days, we typically refer to the term perinatal depression rather than ‘postnatal’, as many mothers find themselves struggling in the antenatal period, or the period before the baby is born. Difficulties coping can occur after the baby is born, or throughout the entire period.

Maximising Health

Rosalind has worked for many years in major teaching hospitals and is trusted by many GPs, medical and surgical specialists to help people modify their health choices, behaviours and habits.


Rosalind is a nationally accredited mediator, registered with the Australian Association of Mediators. Mediators provide a process that enables people to state each of their points of view and to have their feelings about a matter recognised. Using various techniques, Rosalind helps the parties generate options, which are then negotiated towards a mutually satisfactory solution.


Relationship problems can be the biggest form of stress for some people. Rosalind is an experienced relationship counsellor who works with couples to understand the problems and simplifies what is happening.


Therapy involves talking about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours and the things that are troubling you.


Some problems are very successfully treated in small therapeutic groups. Many people find the group setting makes them feel more confident, it reaffirms that people are not as ‘neurotic’ or alone as they might feel when experiencing life’s difficulties.

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