Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Awareness Week 2018

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Awareness (PANDA) Week was established by PANDA in 2005 to increase the community’s understanding of perinatal mental illness and to reduce stigma.

The theme for PANDA Week 2018 is ‘I Wish I Knew’ is the theme for, because many expecting and new parents are blind-sided by the realities of becoming parents.

Looking back, many feel that if they had known more and been better able to prepare for some of the challenges that come with being parents, they might have been better able to cope.

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PANDA will be sharing real ‘I wish I knew’ stories and information to show that this illness is complex and every person’s experience is different. Just as importantly, that it is temporary and treatable.

PANDA will also be launching a new online mental checklist for expecting and new parents to assess their emotional and mental health and speak to their health professionals about it.

For more information about perinatal anxiety and depression, or to speak with Rosalind about challenges you may be experiencing as a parent, make contact here.