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Clinical Psychologist Rosalind Philp, Southport Psychology is a confidential practice located in the Southport CBD, Gold Coast, Australia. With 30 years experience in the health industry, Rosalind provides a range of psychological and support services.
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Relationship Counselling Gold Coast
Relationship Counselling: Losing the Right Fight

In this articles Rosalind uses her 35 years experience to explain how to get the best out of your relationship and prevent the lose-lose situation of the ‘right fight’. I recently observed the loving couple opposite me begin speaking about what type of household chores each had done...

Q&A with Rosalind

Q: I have a friend who seems very anxious after having her first baby. How can I help her? Becoming a mother for the first time is a fairly harrowing experience for many. The birth may have not gone as planned, and many mothers feel upset...