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Clinical Psychologist Rosalind Philp, Southport Psychology is a confidential practice located in the Southport CBD, Gold Coast, Australia. With 30 years experience in the health industry, Rosalind provides a range of psychological and support services.
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signs of depression
Signs of depression

If you've been having a tough time, feeling low or down for a consistent period of time, you may be experiencing signs and symptoms of depression. It’s important to remember we all experience feeling unhappy and low from time to time, and it may not necessarily mean...

Perinatal Depression Therapy
Perinatal Depression: A struggle for many mums

What is Perinatal Depression? These days, we typically refer to the term Perinatal Depression rather than ‘Postnatal’, as many mothers find themselves struggling in the antenatal period, or the period before the baby is born. Difficulties coping can occur after the baby is born, or throughout...