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Clinical Psychologist Rosalind Philp, Southport Psychology is a confidential practice located in the Southport CBD, Gold Coast, Australia. With 30 years experience in the health industry, Rosalind provides a range of psychological and support services.
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Q&A with Rosalind

Q: I have a friend who seems very anxious after having her first baby. How can I help her? Becoming a mother for the first time is a fairly harrowing experience for many. The birth may have not gone as planned, and many mothers feel upset...

Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is very common in the modern world. Despite its prevalence, it is a very powerful and unpleasant experience and sufferers of anxiety often admit to feeling "attacked" by "it", referred to accordingly as an 'anxiety attack'. Some people are so traumatised by anxiety that...

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Seeking Treatment

Most people experience adversity at some stage of their lives. But for some people there are certain experiences that may be harder to recover from. Some never recover from a traumatic experience, and their lives never return to normal. These people can experience Post Traumatic Stress...

Perinatal Depression Therapy
Perinatal Depression: A struggle for many mums

What is Perinatal Depression? These days, we typically refer to the term Perinatal Depression rather than ‘Postnatal’, as many mothers find themselves struggling in the antenatal period, or the period before the baby is born. Difficulties coping can occur after the baby is born, or throughout...

Dealing With Stress
Dealing With Stress

Most people experience some stress in our modern world. Stress can be either good or bad for you, work for you or against you. ‘Good stress’ stimulates us to go out and get things done. It gets us up and at things earlier, and can keep...